Knights of Valour

Days of Thunder

I’ve been working on a new Medieval-themed Table-top Role Playing Game (TTRPG) for the last year.

In Knights of Valour (“KoV”) a group of players work together as descendants of an Ancient Order of Knights, The Knights of Valour, who are tasked with completing Quests dictated by their Order.

The goal for this Project is to release a new RPG that is Simple, Accessible, Concise & Free.


Back to Basics with 6 Distinct Medieval Character Roles harking back to the early days of Fantasy Role-Playing: Fighter, Wizard, Ranger, Thief, Bard & Monk.

Each of the 6 Roles has a distinct play-style, with each having a Role-specific Game Mechanic to Master, & Role-specific Buffs (a.k.a. Feats) that makes each Role play very differently.

There are no Character Levels in KoV. Instead you earn Valour Points as a result of note-worthy role-playing and defeating Monsters, and you spend Valour Points to purchase Buffs for your character. You can increase your Physical Stats, or you can purchase Role-specific Buffs that increase the effectiveness of your Character in the Party.


The Rules for Character Creation are less than 20 Pages long. In addition there’s a short Appendix for each Role that contains the Role-Specific Rules.

You can import & use D&D5e Items & Spells for use in KoV – guidelines for doing so are outlined in the Rules manuals.


There are 6 Physical Stats for all Characters: Agility, Strength, Health, Intelligence, Empathy & Wisdom. These are expressed as simple +/- dice modifiers.

Instead of rolling dice to determine your character’s initial Stats, you assign your 6 initial Physical Stats a number from +3 to -3, ensuring that, after assigning all Stats, the Sum of all 6 Stat Modifiers is Zero.

This means that you can create a Character that is specific to your Role in the Party, balanced by virtue of the zero-sum rule, and you never have to deal with the fallout from a set of unlucky dice rolls during character creation!


The KoV Rules & Resources are distributed under the “GNU General Public Licence GPLv3”.


Under the terms of this License you can download, use and modify the KoV Rules & Resources as you see fit.